Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome is a relatively common condition of the eye. There are a few causes of dry eye such as age, thyroid disorders, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, and vitamin A deficiency. Dry eye is caused when the eyes don't produce enough tears to keep them lubricated. This condition can vary from minor to severe. The eye doctors at Logos Vision in Hamilton Township, NJ, can help diagnose the cause, and treat your dry eye.

What Are the Symptoms Of Dry Eye?

If you have dry eye, there are a few uncomfortable symptoms that you can experience. It can make it feel as though you have something in your eye. The condition can also cause your eyes to sting or burn. Dry eye can also cause eye redness, sensitivity to light, and blurry vision. There are certain situations that can make the symptoms worse such as bring in an air-conditioned room, staring at a computer screen for too long, and being on an airplane.

How Is Dry Eye Syndrome Treated?

There are a variety of treatment options for dry eye. The treatment that your optometrist would prescribe would depend on the severity of your condition. The dry eye treatment options include:

Over the counter artificial tears: This is the best treatment for minor cases of dry eye.

Drugs to reduce eyelid inflammation: If the edges of your eyelids are swollen, it can prevent your eyes from making tears. An oral antibiotic can help with this.

Eye drops to control corneal inflammation: If your dry eye is due to corneal inflammation, eye drops to control the inflammation can help you produce more tears.

Eye inserts: If your condition is moderate to severe, an insert that dissolves slowly can be placed in the eye. As the insert dissolves, it can release a substance that will lubricate your eyes.

Tear stimulating drugs: There are medications that are designed to help you produce more tears, naturally.

Closing your tear ducts: In some cases, punctal plugs can be used to close off the tear ducts. This will keep you from losing too many tears, too quickly.

Treating the underlying cause of dry eye: If you have a medical condition that is causing your dry eye, your doctor may want to treat the condition which should help you produce natural tears.

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