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The Story

The term "Logos" derives from the Greek language and signifies the Word of Knowledge. At Logos Vision, we take great pride in this concept as Dr. Abadeer and her staff are committed to consistently enhancing their knowledge and expertise in top-level optometry. Our goal is to offer you the finest eye care services when you walk through our doors, and we want you to comprehend the underlying "Logos" that drives us. Our focus is on your vision, and we strive to deliver the best possible care tailored to your individual needs.

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Eye Test Glasses
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The Concierge Packages

What is concierge care?

Logos Vision is proud to be a pioneer in optometric concierge care. We recognize that not everyone has a vision plan that covers eye care and/or eyewear or perhaps you have a high deductible plan. Healthcare costs can be prohibitive so Logos has comprised two comprehensive packages, both of which offer you a one (1) year subscription for a full year of services. An exceptional value for one payment!

Gold Package

Value $2200


  • Routine Vision Exam


  • Contact Lens Examination Including Trial Lenses and One Follow-Up Visit


  • Fundus Photography


  • Two (2) Medical Visits and One (1) Follow-Up Visit


  • 20% Off Any Eyewear Purchase


  • One (1) year frame and lens warranty


  • Free adjustments, screw replacement and/or nosepad replacement for the life of the frame


  • One (1) free emergency set of contact lens trials

Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Cannot be combined with Vision Benefits i.e., VSP

Platinum Package

Value $3500


Includes all of the benefits enjoyed with the Gold Package plus...


  • Dry Eye Consultation With 1 Free OptiLight & 25% Off IPL or OptiLight Treatment Package


  • 30% Off a Plano Sunglasses Purchase


  • Choice Of 1

    • Free Warm Compress

    • Lash Serum

    • Fish Oil Vitamins

Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Cannot be combined with Vision Benefits i.e., VSP

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Patient in Eye Exam

At Logos Vision, we provide thorough and complete eye examinations. During your exam, our doctor will check your prescription and the health of your eyes. Digital imaging and scans, we are able to examine you for cataract, glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and various eye diseases. As well as systemic conditions such as Diabetes, high blood pressure. Since the risk of eye disease continues to increase with advancing age, everyone over the age of 60 should be examined annually.  

The Eye Exam

Clean Bubbles
Color Contacts

The Contact Lens Consultation

Contact lens technology is always evolving and now just about anyone can wear contact lenses part-time or full-time. One of the initial steps in a contact lens consultation is to discuss with your eye doctor some lifestyle considerations that could impact the type of contacts that best suit you. If you have a particular eye condition, such as astigmatism or dry eye syndrome, your eye doctor will have specific recommendations for the correct type or brand for your optimal comfort and vision needs. If you are over 40 and experience problems seeing small print, your eye doctor may recommend multifocal lenses or monovision lenses to correct your unique vision needs.


The Myopia Management

Myopia management encompasses a range of options aimed at controlling the progression of nearsightedness, a common refractive error affecting millions worldwide. There are a variety of new treatments to slow myopia progression may include the use of specially designed contact lenses, such as MiSight which alters the way light focuses on the retina. Atropine eye drops, have also shown promise in slowing myopia progression by temporarily relaxing the eye's focusing mechanism. Myopia management aims to not only improve your vision but also to safeguard ocular health and prevent high myopia-associated complications later in life.

Magnifying Glass
Liquid Drop

Atropine Drops

Atropine is a medication traditionally used to dilate the pupil during eye exams. When used in low concentrations atropine has been shown to effectively slow down the progression of myopia in children. Atropine temporarily paralyzes the ciliary muscle in the eye, which controls the focusing mechanism. This reduces the eye's ability to accommodate and thus slows down the elongation of the eyeball, a key factor contributing to myopia progression.


Atropine is an eye drop that offers a non-invasive and convenient option for managing myopia, potentially reducing the risk of developing high myopia and associated vision complications later in life. Close monitoring by eye care professionals is essential to ensure appropriate dosing and monitor results.

MiSight® 1 Day

MiSight® 1 Day for myopia control is a daily disposable soft contact lens used to correct refractive error and slow the elongation of the eye. It is the first and only soft contact lens designed for myopia control and it is FDA-approved.


MiSight® is clinically proven by a multi-year comprehensive study to slow the progression of myopia. Over a three-year period MiSight® was the first daily lens to demonstrate sustained reduction in myopia progression by 59% as compared to standard daily single vision contact lenses.


MiSight® 1 day lenses are safe, comfortable and easy to care for!

MiSight-ECP-Web-Banner_300x250_2X_14688 (1).jpg

The Dry Eye Evaluation

Dry eye syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a common ocular condition which means that there is insufficient moisture and lubrication on the surface of the eyes. When the eyes do not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly individuals experiencing dry eye often encounter symptoms such as a stinging, burning sensation, redness, or blurred vision, or as if there were sand in their eyes. Dry eyes may be due to age, environmental conditions, prolonged screen time,  medications, or underlying health conditions. Managing dry eye syndrome involves addressing the underlying causes, alleviating symptoms, and promoting eye health to enhance overall well-being. Regular eye examinations and interim consultations are crucial for accurate diagnosis and personalized management strategies. 

Logos Vision is proud to offer the latest in testing and treatment options. More detail below!

Dry Eye Eyeball
OptiLight Machine


OptiLight IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is the first and only IPL that is FDA approved for the treatment of dry eye disease. OptiLIGHT with Optimal Pulse Technology uses precise, intense broad spectrum light to address inflammation – a key underlining factor in dry eye disease due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. OptiLIGHT is specifically developed to reach the delicate contours of the treated area safely, effectively and gently. OptiLIGHT is FDA approved, painless and only takes 15 minutes per treatment!


Patients usually report an improvement after their 2nd or 3rd treatment. Maintenance treatments are usually recommended every 6-12 months, to ensure the best long-term results.

In addition the IPL can be used aesthetically to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, rosacea, or skin lesions.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs, also known as lacrimal plugs or tear duct plugs, are small medical devices designed to treat dry eye syndrome by preventing the drainage of tears from the eye surface. These tiny plugs are typically made of silicone and are inserted into the puncta, the small openings located in the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids. Punctal plugs help to retain the natural moisture on the eye's surface which, in turn, alleviates symptoms of dry eyes such as irritation, redness, and discomfort. Insertion of the plugs is a simple procedure that can be easily performed in an eye doctor's office. The plugs are available in temporary or permanent forms, providing flexibility in treatment options based on the individual's needs. This innovative solution can improve overall eye comfort and promote ocular health.

Punctal Plug Insertion

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses can be an effective option for individuals suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition characterized by insufficient tear production or poor tear quality that may cause discomfort, irritation, and potential damage to the ocular surface. A careful assessment of the ocular surface, tear film dynamics, and individual visual needs will ensure optimal lens selection and customization

Scleral lenses create a reservoir of tears between the lens and the cornea. This reservoir acts as a protective barrier, keeping the cornea lubricated and hydrated throughout the day. Maintaining a constant layer of tears by trapping them and preventing evaporation means the eye will have reduced friction, irritation and discomfort from dryness. They also create a physical barrier to external irritants such as dust and pollution shielding the eye from environmental factors that may produce dryness and irritation as well as providing a cushioning effect to protect the corneal nerves. In some cases, lubricating solutions are used with scleral lenses to maximize hydration. By creating a smooth optical surface over the cornea, scleral lenses can also improve visual acuity because tear layer helps correct irregularities in the ocular surface reducing visual distortions.

Amniotic Membrane

The amniotic membrane, derived from the innermost layer of the placenta is known for its remarkable therapeutic properties. The amniotic membrane has demonstrated its ability to promote ocular surface healing and regeneration as a result of its unique composition, rich in growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular matrix components fostering an environment conducive to tissue repair. When applied to the eyes, the amniotic membrane serves as a protective barrier, reducing inflammation, promoting regrowth of cells, and minimizing scarring. This natural membrane has proven particularly beneficial in treating ocular surface disorders, such as persistent epithelial defects, corneal ulcers, and chemical burns. Its versatile applications and its potential to repair tissue make the amniotic membrane a viable choice to enhance ocular health and healing.

Pipette Dropper

Vital Tears

Vital Tears are custom made eye drops made from your own blood serum. Autologous serum is a blood-derived eye drop, in which the donor and recipient are the same individual. Optometrists have been prescribing serum tears for over 30 years to treat those su­ffering from a wide range of eye conditions. Vital Tears are preservative free, custom made, safe and filtered to remove pathogens. They are effective at improving both the signs and symptoms of ocular surface disorders associated with autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders. 


You may have blood drawn at any of Vital Tears’ network of outpatient facilities. Each order is prepared according to specifications from the doctor. Drops are received in just a few days!

InflammaDry Testing

Our tears contain a natural protein enzyme called matrix metalloproteinase-9, or MMP-9. Patients with Dry Eye usually have elevated levels of this protein.

Inflammation is linked to dry eye and is present in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Elevated MMP-9 levels act as a biomarker for inflammation and is more sensitive at detection than clinical signs alone

InflammaDry is the first and only, rapid result, in-office test that detects elevated levels of MMP-9. All other dry eye tests measure tear production and stability. Using a simple 4-step process, InflammaDry recognizes elevated levels of MMP-9, to identify patients that may otherwise be missed with other dry eye testing methods.

The InflammaDry test results are achieved in just 10 minutes. The disposable test is performed in the office, making it a top choice for doctors and DES patients.

InflammaDry test kit
Blurred Beach

The Cataract Evaluation

Cataract evaluations are crucial assessments conducted by your eye care professional to diagnose and determine the existence and severity of cataracts, a common age-related eye condition characterized by the clouding of the eye's natural lens. These evaluations typically involve a comprehensive eye examination, including visual acuity tests, slit-lamp examinations, and measurements of intraocular pressure. Advanced imaging techniques, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), may be used to obtain detailed images of the eye's internal structures. The extent of cataract formation is assessed, and its impact on visual function is evaluated thereby determining the most appropriate course of action. Depending on the outcome of the above testing the doctor may recommend lifestyle modifications, prescription glasses, or surgical intervention such as cataract surgery. Cataract surgery replaces the clouded lens with an artificial intraocular lens, restoring clarity and improving overall vision. Cataract evaluations are vital for early detection and timely management, ensuring optimal visual outcomes for individuals affected by this common eye condition.

Image of eye with cataract
Crystal Salt
Model Eyeball Image by Harpreet Singh

The Diabetic Eye Exam

Optometrists plays a crucial role in managing the ocular health of individuals with diabetes. Diabetes can lead to various eye complications, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, and cataracts, all of which can negatively impact vision if left untreated. When an optometrist examines a diabetic individual they focus on early detection, monitoring, and intervention to prevent or treat these complications. Regular eye exams are essential for diabetic individuals to assess the health of the retina, detect any abnormalities, and initiate timely interventions. At Logos we use advanced imaging techniques and diagnostic tools to closely examine the retina and identify changes over time that are indicative of diabetic eye disease. Additionally, we collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive diabetes management. Proactive diabetic eye care is instrumental in preserving vision and improving the overall quality of life for individuals living with diabetes.

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Logos Optical

The Eyewear

A reflection of your personal style!

Our beautiful optical showcases a wide variety of eyeglass frames by cutting edge designers in the latest shapes, sizes and colours. We hand select each frame to offer you the perfect eyeglasses of the highest quality, and that are best suited for your face and prescription. Our lens selections are based on current cutting-edge technology to ensure your vision is the best it can possibly be.

Take a look at our new online frame gallery to see the collections we carry!


The Team

The Doctor

Dr. Abadeer

Silvana Abadeer, O.D.

​​Dr. Abadeer graduated from Salus University in 2010. She likes all aspects of Optometry but is particularly passionate about corneal disease and specializes in Dry Eye Disease. Among the most rewarding of her experiences were providing eye care on several mission trips. Dr. Abadeer loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, discovering new foods, and traveling.



The Staff

Office Manager Amy Frost

Amy Frost

Office Manager

Amy J. Frost is Logos Vision’s new Optical Manager. Amy has worked in the optical industry since 2004 as an Office Manager, Frame Stylist and Optical Assistant. Amy's experience has provided her with vast knowledge of an optical practice including patient care, optical expertise, and customer service. Amy's true specialty is the ability and desire to work one-on-one with patients to find each person the perfect pair of glasses. She selects the best lenses and frames to suit your face, personality, and vision requirements.


In her spare time, Amy enjoys posting and reading about fashion, trying new wines, and spending time with family, friends, and her Maltese Lexi.

Benjamin Crittenden

Medical Biller

I am the new Medical Biller at Logos Vision. Having been employed in the field of Medical Billing for the past 15 years, I am uniquely qualified to help our patients understand what is covered by insurance, as well as what their financial responsibilities may be. I strive for total satisfaction in my interactions with patients and will always go the extra mile to help resolve any questions or queries.

In my spare time I love to get outside, either gardening at home or walking local nature trails.

BC Headshot.png

The Testimonials


I had an exceptional experience at Logos Vision with Dr. Silvana Abadeer. The office was clean, the staff friendly, and the customer service was top-notch. Dr. Abadeer's expertise in eye care was evident as she thoroughly explained my eye condition and treatment options. Logos Vision also offers a wide range of luxury eyewear and contact lenses. I highly recommend Dr. Abadeer and Logos Vision for top-quality eye care and exceptional customer service.


Such a caring and pleasant staff. The doctor is very thorough, she took time to check my mom’s eyes and then explain to her in details her condition and what needs to be done, she was very patient and answered all of our questions. The eye glass selection is great.


Great experience. Vision caregivers know how to treat their patients in this office. I feel taken care of with expertise, kindness, patience and respect

The Socials


The Insurance Plans

Logos Vision currently accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Aetna

  • Amerihealth

  • Braven Health

  • Cigna

  • Clover Health

  • Davis Vision (Exam Only, No Materials)

  • EyeMed 

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Magnacare

  • March Vision (Exam Only, No Materials)

  • Medicare

  • Meritain

  • Oxford

  • Spectera (Exam Only, No Materials)

  • Superior Vision (Exam Only, No Materials)

  • UMR

  • United Healthcare

  • VSP

  • Wellcare

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