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Tools to Meet All of Your Retinal Imaging Eye Care Needs

At Logos Vision, we strive to give people in and around Hamilton the best optometry service around. This is why we have all the diagnostic tools to study the eye perfectly. Retinal imagining is vital for fast and correct diagnoses of eye disease or other issues. The proper imaging tools mean better eye care for our patients. 

man looking forwardWhat is an OCT Machine and Fundus Camera? 

An OCT Machine is essentially an optical ultrasound. Its images are nearly the same as a low-power microscope but it is useful on the eye in particular because it is noninvasive and effective at imaging 1-2 mm below the surface of biological tissue. 

A Fundus Camera is also referred to as a retinal camera. It is a low power microscope that is specialized to photograph the interior surface of the eye and all its parts from the retina, the retinal system, optic disc, macula, and fundus. For Fundus camera diagnostic treatment you will need to have your eyes dilated in order to increase the area that the camera can view and make the back of the eye more disable. 

What Conditions Can These Tools Help Treat?

OCT is used in various fields of medicine, however, ophthalmologists and optometrists use it predominantly due to its ability to show high-resolution images of cross-sections of the retina. This makes it effective for diagnosing glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, multiple sclerosis and diseases that have symptoms in the eye. The fundus camera can help diagnose and document diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, macular edema, retinal detachment, and diseases with symptoms that present in the eye. 

These powerful imaging tools help us provide the best eye care to our patients, and help make us the best eye doctor in Hamilton. Quality retinal Imaging helps us to diagnose any issues faster, and when it comes to the eyes, a quick diagnosis often means saving more sight or even preventing blindness. These diagnostic tools and cameras save sight and even lives in some cases. 

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