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Medical Eye Exams at Logos Vision

Logos Vision goes beyond the basic comprehensive vision screenings that check for difficulties with eyesight. We provide medical eye exams as well to ensure that serious medical conditions are not causing vision disturbances. Early detection can be the key to healing. It might even save your eye sight.

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What is Included in a Medical Eye Exam

A medical eye exam is intended for the diagnosis of more serious conditions that cause symptoms to appear in the eyes. Exams to diagnose these conditions and others include:

  • Retinal Imaging – This utilizes high-resolution imaging systems to photograph the inside of your eye to allow doctors to assess your retina’s health and detect conditions like diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.
  • Fundus Fluorescein Angiogram – This test allows the doctor to view how well blood moves into the retina and helps to diagnose macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and diabetic retinopathy. It uses a dye – fluorescein – that is injected into the bloodstream to view swelling, abnormal blood vessels, circulatory problems, and leaking vessels.
  • OTC – Optical Coherence Tomography is an imaging test that takes pictures of cross-sections of the retina using light waves to enable the doctor to see the distinct layers of the retina and provide guidance for treatment of retinal disease and glaucoma.

How a Medical Eye Exam Differs From a Basic Comprehensive Vision Screening

The most obvious difference is the goal of the examination. Comprehensive Eye Exams are trying to determine how well your vision and it works to make vision clearer. A Medical Eye Exam is aimed at determining if any of your vision disturbances are caused by more serious medical conditions so that those conditions can be addressed.

Another big difference between a routine vision screening and a medical exam is the insurance coverage. A medical exam is covered under your medical insurance policy whereas a routine exam is covered by vision coverage.

Conditions Needing Medical Eye Exam

These are some of the conditions that require a medical exam. They include:

  • Dry Eye Disease – This broad term describes a range of conditions resulting from insufficient lubrication of the eye.
  • Cataracts – A natural clouding of the lens that occurs with aging which may also be triggered early or worsened by injury, some medications, and certain diseases.
  • Glaucoma – A specific pattern of disease that damages the optic nerve and causes loss of sight and in extreme cases, blindness. If caught early, it can be prevented.
  • Diabetic Evaluations – Used to look for signs of damage that is common for diabetics such as Diabetic Retinopathy.

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